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Scuola Media Partigian

Scuola Media Partigian is a middle school located in Baluardo Partigiani. The school attracts students over the area and is ranked as #3 most attractive schools (2021 Data).

Our primary goal in middle school is to
provide a challenging and encouraging environment that is at all times
sensitive to the unique developmental needs of preadolescents and supportive of
a positive self-concept for each child. We aim to help children move along the
continuum toward greater independence, giving them responsibility for their own
work and behavior while affording them increasing opportunities to make
appropriate, independent decisions as they show their readiness to do so. 

Engage in our Students Program

Being part of the UNE community means being involved. There are plenty of ways to get involved on the Biddeford Campus.
From playing on one of the university’s athletic teams, to joining one of the
many available clubs and organizations, to attending events of interest, your
involvement in campus life can be as extensive as you want it to be.

Upcoming Events

We invite professors and entrepreneurs to our speaking hall. Just keep an eye on the events and learn something new!
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Do It In The Dark: Residence Hall Energy Competition

Johnson Gym (Northern Section)

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Introduction to 340B Mixed-Use Space

Da Vinci Building, Room D284 (Eastern Section)